RolliPolli Birthday Party

Treat your child to a birthday party at RolliPolli and we guarantee that you will feel treated as well! A RolliPolli birthday party is full of fun, gymnastics based exercises and games lead by our enthusiastic and expert teaching staff. Enjoy your time with all the other adults, be one of the guests while we make sure the children are safe and happy!

The basic RolliPolli birthday package includes:

45-60 minutes of coach-led activity in our gymnasium with use of trampoline (max 14 children, only suitable for children aged 4+)
Unrestricted use of the waiting / play area
Reception, catering, cleaning up
Assistance with party room preparations, receving guests and clean up
The party lasts 2 hours.

At RolliPolli there is only one party at any one time, thus you will have exclusive use of the premises, with no interference from other class-goers or members of another party. 

The price of the package is HUF 55,000 which does not include food, drink, cake or decoration. We are open to discussing any extra requirements.