RolliPolli is starting its ninth consecutive year of operation in September 2020. While we will never wish for the experience of the previous academic year to come back, we have to admit that the forced closure opened our eyes to the need to review our systems and processes.

Those of you who joined us for our zoom lessons or the classes we were able to teach following the reopening on the 18th of May, will have experienced the solutions we started to employ. We could only expect the foresight of a single week from our guests at that stage and had to ask them to register for our classes using Google Forms on a weekly basis. We expect to be able to return to our normal course of operations from September, where we work with set groups of guests, most of whom are regulars. We created our registration system in this spirit, where a single registration will take one through the entire school year, thereby favouring clients who wish to become regular members. We encourage our guests to make RolliPolli classes a constant element of their children's timetables. Regular attendance and set groups allow us to work better with the children, their progress will be faster.

That we have been operating for nine years also means that some of our clients grew up with us into wonderful teenagers. We are proud and extremely pleased that they feel so attached to RolliPolli, they want to continue to train with us. To honour their loyalty, we are starting a group that is as much about training together as about nuturing friendships, often the  only means of keeping in touch now that they are in different schools. Our 10+ group is therefore mainly by invitation, although we do accept applications from candidates who have at least 3 years of gymnastics training.

All other groups are set primarily of the basis of age, and then to make sure that children with similar level of gymnastics foundations are grouped together. The aim here is to make sure children progress well. We do not prepare for competition and do not intend to introduce any formal measurement of progress, but we do believe that children will only enjoy their sessions if, besides having fun, they see their skills develop; it will motivate them. With this in mind, we will have "beginner" and "advanced" groups from age group 3-5 years. Our coaches will make their recommendation for each child after the first couple of weeks of term, in the meantime, the rule of thumb is that a child will have had to have a minimum of one year of training before joining an "advanced" group. If a child ends up in a "beginner" group but progresses well, we will make a recommendation to move him/her to an "advanced" group, getting "stuck" in the wrong group should not be a concern.

We hope the above will provide sufficient guidance as to the content of your registration. Please follow the appropriate link below.

Free trial class (for clients who have not visited with us before)

Regular attendance

Single session (subject to availability)

People give very different responses to COVID-19. We try to be careful and considerate, while living our life to the fullest possible. So that this would remain an option going forward, we ask our guest to keenly follow recommendations on hygene:

Frequent and thorough handwashing (with soap for a minimum of 20 seconds) 
Blow nose, cough or sneeze into a tissue, or shirt sleeve NOT into open air or your hands; then throw the tissue to the bin and wash hands 
Avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose
Greet with elbow touch or small bow rather than kiss, hug or handshake
Stay home if you have a cold, sneeze and DEFINITELY if you have temperature or cough
Maintain social distance from anyone with these symptoms, isolate if necessary

In order to avoid tumultous scenes at our premises, we ask with a heavy heart that parents and carers of 5+ year olds refrain from waiting for the children on site. Thank you for your understanding.

We hope to see you soon!

Please address all queries to our team at

Mobil: Egri Anna 06 30 676 0170

Best wishes,

Kivinen Beáta
RolliPolli Kft
Owner and Operations Developer 

Egriné Óvári Anna
Örökmozgó-Nevelő Kft
Operator and Club Manager