We are firmly back...

Dear Parents and Children,

At RolliPolli, we are trying to dynamically adjust to the constantly evolving COVID-19 situation. It is in this spirit that we moved to online lessons shortly after the doors of RolliPolli had to close in the middle of March, and opened again on the 18th of May, following the government's decision that recreational training activities can resume.

The first week of lessons progressed smoothly, with mostly full classes. We were so pleased to see many of our clients returning! We hope this is a sign that our clients are comfortable with the processes and 'rules of co-habitation' we brought into effect in response to the current health situation. The full document is not available in English, but a summary follows below.

Most importantly, the size of the groups are limited to 6-8 participants and one coach, arriving and departing groups do not meet indoors (therefore arrivals are received through our normal entrance and we dismiss the children through the door to the back garden, directly from the gymnasium). Parents and carers can only wait outdoors. Children are expected to arrive dressed for sport, without needing to change on the premises, as changing rooms are not available. We are keeping bathrooms open for the children only. These rules are far from random, we studied best practices adopted by sports clubs and adapted these to the specifics of our facility. 

We have a 10-minute break between groups, which is enough to sanitise equipment and check in arriving children (please note that you will have to give consent to their temperature being taken by a scanner before each lesson), but is too limited to handle money. As this represents a hygene risk in itself and as the word is moving cashless anyhow, we ask for the class fee to be transferred in advance.

Our online classes run a limited timetable as the interest in these was lukewarm. That is no surprise, it is a substitute only for the full experience and does not quite offer the same thrill. 

Based on your feedback, we decided to run a limited timetable of lessons next week. Our timetable for the week of 15-19 June is as follows:

To register, please follow the links below or contact us at our usual availabilities.


Please note, due to our limited capacity we had to temporarily suspend our multi-pass offers and for the same reason we cannot currently offer make-up classes. 

This will be our last week of timetabled lessons before the summer holidays begin. During summer we will run camps on the following weeks:

Week of 22 June, 2020
Week of 6 July, 2020
Week of 20 July, 2020
Week of 3 August, 2020
Week of 10 August, 2020
Week of 24 August, 2020

For the full programme, please read on here.

To register, please click on this link.

We will be able to run birthday parties throughout the summer season and if you think this is an attractive option, please contact us.

For any other enquiries please contact
Email: rollipolliteam@gmail.com
Mobil: Egri Anna 06 30 676 0170

We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Best wishes,

Kivinen Beáta
RolliPolli Kft

Egri Tamás és Egriné Óvári Anna
Örökmozgó-Nevelő Kft